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12 questions to ask when choosing a maid service

Whether you’ve called for a provider to sanitise your house once already or you consider hiring a maid service for the first time, proceed with finding the company that will fit your requirements. These are the 12 questions you will probbaly have for any residential cleaning company:

  • 1. Do you need me to sign up every two weeks or monthly?

    Many home cleaning companies ask their clients commit to a biweekly cleaning session. Kroz Cleaning accommodates these needs. You can certainly choose a set schedule, on the other hand, if you’d rather schedule cleans as you need them, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

  • 2. How do I know I can rely on your team?

    When you agree to bring strangers into your property on a regular basis, you will be happy to know that they are experts who have been screened by the provider before they were hired. Every Kroz Cleaning team member is carefully vetted and must pass through a criminal background check before being employed. The Kroz Cleaning owners hire only the most trustworthy professionals.

  • 3. What type of training you give to your team?

    The finest cleaning companies require all their personnel to pass through a comprehensive training program upon being hired and continue to learn best practices. At Kroz Cleaning, we understand that booking for a cleaning service is time-saving, but we also know that we achieve a high client satisfaction rate because our cleaners excel at their job. All Kroz Cleaning team members are highly trained on our unique work approach and are obliged adhere to a detailed checklist. They also report to our quality control manager, who is responsible for upholding Kroz Cleaning’s best cleaning practices.

  • 4. Do you need us to bring our own products and supplies?

    Some cleaning companies may need you to provide all cleaning supplies and gear — and they might request that you purchase specific products. Kroz Cleaning provides all equipment and cleaning products. If you have a product of your choice we use for certain applications, however, we’re ready to accommodate. Just ask!

  • 5. Do you give no-obligational estimates?

    You should never pay a fee to have the company arrive at your home to give you a quote. Also, the company should visit your home (rather than give an estimate over the phone) to ensure the estimate is as accurate as possible. Kroz Cleaning provides free quotes on-site.

  • 6. Are you a franchise?

    Large, franchised cleaning companies may make attractive promises on their website or through their advertising materials, but you may find it difficult to contact the person responsible for operations of the local franchise when you have questions or problems. Cleaning services through franchise companies can also be a lot more expensive due to higher overhead costs at the corporate level. Kroz Cleaning is an independently run company. We have offices in London, and you can always reach our general managers at 020 3404 4260.

  • 7. Are your cleaning products eco-friendly, and if so, can you tell me about the brand of products you use?

    "Green" is used as a buzzword among cleaning companies nowadays, so if you are specifically seeking a provider that is responsible for the environment and your health, ask about the products and equipment we use. Kroz Cleaning uses Brody Chemical’s Responsible Solutions Green Products, which are certified by Green Seal, Ecologo, and Design for the Environment.

  • 8. Can you send the same workers on each visit?

    Larger cleaning companies and franchises may be unable to dispatch the same employees to your property each visit. If it is important to you to get to know your domestic cleaners and have a clue about who cleans your home, be sure you discuss this with our call operators. Kroz Cleaning sends the same cleaners to customers’ homes every visit, although occasional substitutions due to vacations or illness are sometimes necessary.

  • 9. What is your customer satisfaction policy?

    Ask the call operator about the cleaning guarantee, in case there is one. Many cleaners may say they have such a policy, but be sure to ask how the case would be handled if you were dissatisfied with cleaning results. Kroz Cleaning has a 100% satisfaction rate. We will send a team back to your property to correct any problem at our expense if you let us know within 24 hours of the session that there was an area missed or not cleaned to your demand.

  • 10. How does your company ensure your cleaners do a first-rate work each and every time?

    Ask the call operator about our training procedures and whether we have a dedicated quality control expert. Does Kroz Cleaning perform quality control checks every once in a while? Kroz Cleaning does frequent quality control checks and has a quality control manager on staff.

  • 11. What if I have special cleaning requests from time to time?

    Most cleaning companies develop their estimate to clean your property based on its size and the tasks you would like completed each visit. You should ask how Kroz handle one-off requests - if you are throwing a party, would like laundry folded, need windows washed, or something else. Kroz Cleaning is happy to accommodate special requests - just call 24-48 hours before your clean to discuss what you need.

  • 12. Can you give me references?

    Always require names and phone numbers of current clients to get a true first-hand account of the company’s service. If you’re considering a franchised cleaning service, definitely ask for customers in your area - or better yet, your neighborhood. Kroz Cleaning has hundreds of happy customers across the UK areas. For a list of Kroz Cleaning’s references, please email us at office[at]kroz[dot]uk. You can also check out our Testimonials page on our website.

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