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No matter how clean your home is, the old rugs are stuck with dirt, stains and a dirty look. Regular cleaning of the rugs refreshes and removes stains. There are many methods for cleaning rug stains, and most are not safe because of the toxic chemicals that are designed for this purpose. It is possible to clean contaminated surfaces, preparing cleaning product by yourself. The effect will be even more satisfactory than those who expect to receive, using toxic chemicals. With homemade cleaners have the ability to flavored to your taste and other things and save some money. Which is actually quite good for the family budget.

  • If the rug has stains of dissolved paint from the walls, you can simply throw them out. These stains are very difficult to remove. So strong dirt normally associated with many bacteria. Wrap in plastic and dispose of appropriately.
  • If ryg are small bad, you can take them to a professional cleaning or wash them in the washing machine if it is collected.
  • Clean the rug with a broom to straighten threads and knock pahath, which is the top layer of the flooring. Mix one part borax with two parts cornmeal. This mixture cleans stains and prevents mold and unpleasant odors. For carpets with very heavy odor is recommended to use bread soda;
  • Soda or a mixture of corn flour and sprinkle borax on the surface of the entire rug and leave for an hour or so. Meanwhile guaranteed odor disappears. All you need to do after the past 60 minutes is to strike or izprahosmuchite the rug and leave it in a well ventilated place for at least another hour. Serious stains on the rug can be remove using a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar. If the stains on the rug were not so dark, use lemon juice and salt to get rid of them. If you doubt that these solutions can damage your rug do the test inside the camp.
  • So moisten the affected area with a pre-mixing mixture and rub well. Leave on for 15 - 20 minutes then brush with a brush or dab with a dry cloth;

Advise - when spill happened on a mixture flooring, never pour water on the stain to clean it. This can make it lightens but will spread the smell of space. If you spill it, try to soak up as much of the liquid. If all this seems too much work, hire a machine for cleaning carpets, but our advice is to fill the tank with various chemicals, and a solution of vinegar and water. At worst, if possible removal of stains decision is a bit expensive, but still have it. Let the carpets dry-cleaned.

Rug cleaning services price list valid for Kirkcudbrightshire area

price service description
£15 Hot Water Extraction Small Rug (up to 3sq.m)
£22 Hot Water Extraction Medium Rug (up to 7sq.m)
£28 Hot Water Extraction Large Rug (up to 15sq.m)
£25 Dry cleaning Rug
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I've move out cleaning. Was it good, how was the price? Answer: Than I had move in cleaning ordered.

- Anna Siebenhaar / Non | 20-09-2016

Hi, I love to see Kroz doing their Rug cleaning job eagerly. I haven't used professional cleaning services before, but this one is awesome. If I need a Matting cleaning, no doubt, I'll call you again. Thank you,

- Vanessa Grant, Fareham

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